Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hello again...

Last month we were delighted to host a workshop with Heather Jacks, Winner of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Heather shared with us her knowledge of couture sewing. This is sewing as it should be done – not rushing or under time constraints, using tailors tacks appropriately and hand finishing beautifully.

We had so much fun! Heather is a fabulous raconteur and is full of wickedly funny stories of filming on the Great British Sewing Bee. I had no idea they had to squeeze so many people into that studio to film!

Laughter is mandatory on one of our workshops

"Hello is that the Sewing Helpline?"

What IS my face doing?!

Sewing tales being swapped

People came with a whole range of skills - complete dressmaking novices to those who’d been sewing for years. Everyone found they learnt something and although some projects were too complex to complete in a day confidence had increased to such a degree the ladies that attended felt they could finish on their own.

We all loved Ali's headless Voodoo pin cushion

And of course there was cake!

All in all it was a highly successful day of sewing!
And now Heather is coming back. Yipee!!

A lot of the queries and questions on the day were about trickier fabrics like satin and chiffon so Heather has decided to return to do some specialist Eveningwear Workshops.

We have Saturday 18th October for a day of couture eveningwear sewing. The aim is not to rush but to learn new skills, so you may not get your project completed but be assured you will learn a huge amount and be able to finish on your own.

And for those who really wish to get to grips and finish a project a WHOLE WEEKEND OF SEWING on the 29th and 30th November. (Yes I am clapping in excitement!)

Both workshops are just in time for you to get your party dresses sorted for Christmas and New Year, (I know it’s July but still, I’m planning mine now!)

So even if you don’t live close to us, Stratford is a wonderful place to spend a weekend and there’s lots to see and do for those that don’t sew (do they really exist?)

I hope to see you soon.

Jules x


  1. Now would you mind just packing up and bringing your whole workshop to Staffordshire? It would be a lot more convenient! Looks like great fun was had and the party dress workshop sounds very tempting x Jane

  2. It all looks and sounds wonderful - and cake too! I hope the next adventure works out as well as this one, and I wish I could be there too :) xoJoy

    1. Thank you Joy, shame you're so far away. I love your photographs though :)

  3. Good Morning Jules, I watched the Great British Sewing Bee and Heather seemed to be a lovely fun person, so I would imagine a day spent with her would be tremendous fun.
    I would love to attend one of your workshops, but I live in Newcastle. I have become a new follower, because I have loved visiting you and you never know..... one day I might be able to attend one of your courses.
    Best Wishes to you.


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