Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Day Off, now that's a rare thing....

Now I know this post is nothing to do with sewing but I just though I would sing the praises of the Homes and Gardens Show at Alscott Park last weekend.

Charlie and I had a rare day off with NO KIDS so thought we would actually “go out” somewhere and be part of humanity rather than bumbling away at home doing more of the same old stuff.
I duly booked our tickets online (it was a bit cheaper that way) and off we toddled.
Alscott Park is just outside Stratford upon Avon and a beautiful setting for the show. We didn’t do too many skids on the rather waterlogged grass when parking and made our way to the entrance marquee.

We had a general wander through and perused the surprisingly high quality of stands before meandering our way to the outside stalls and nurseries.
The wonderful smell of the flowers was intoxicating. And there was even a demonstration marquee showing you how to bake pizza on your BBQ, gutted I missed that one!

We kept a discreet eye on the rather foreboding clouds brewing overhead, making a dash for the tea tent when the heavens opened. And boy did they open! 

The thunder and lighting was spectacular. All conversation was drowned out by the beating of the rain; but the band played on!

Yes I know, but the cream tea beckoned and it would have been rude not too…

Now please don’t forget this is good old Blighty and as soon as the storm had come it passed over and the sun was beaming down upon as all again. Time for another wander around the grounds of the park this time, with a few surprises hidden along the way…
...isn't he handsome...

This came from the Fortnum and Masons Garden at Chelsea a few years ago...

...can you spot the Mermaid?

Charlie is perfectly camouflaged in the Lavender Garden…

Back to the show again and this time we stopped off to make a few purchases…
The Tipsy Tart tempted us with their titivated Gin and Vodka...

...and the Truckle Cheese Co Mature Farmhouse Cheddar just melted in your mouth.  With a Make Your Own Cheese Kit, that’s Christmas sorted.

I have to say the show looked fantastic and the organisation was very slick, including the staff uniforms - denim dungarees, bright yellow T-shirts and land girl headscarves for the ladies. Or maybe that just appealed to the designer in me?

Speaking to some of the traders there the foot-fall could have been higher, but I suppose this was the first show. And a note to the organisers Blooming Marvellous Events would be that the door price was a little steep, £20 on the day to come to the show and grounds. I paid £13 in advance, which I still thought was on the pricey side (but maybe I’m being a bit of a skinflint?)

Having said all that I am really looking forward to next year. Hopefully it will be bigger and better and I will definitely be coming back!

Jules x


  1. How lovely that you were able to go and enjoy this with 'the bearded one' Jules - looks like some lovely stands, and a lot of fun. It's a pity that visitors were a bit 'underweight', but perhaps the entrance cost was a bit high - it makes it a costly affair for families doesn't it. I'm glad to hear the weather didn't spoil things for you :) Have a great week, xoJoy

  2. Great pic of Charlie & the lavender ! Sounds like a fab day out. Xx


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