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The Sew Me Something Emporium is based in beautiful Stratford upon Avon, home of William Shakespeare, and to show our love for the Bard we have named our patterns after some of his heroines.

Funny, beautiful, clever, and audacious - everything a woman should be.

The Kate Shift Dress

Katherine, or Kate, is from The Taming of the Shrew.
Katherine is a woman of fierce intelligence and finds herself at odds with society and unwilling to accept her prescribed place within it.  Her independent spirit is in conflict with the fact that the only future for her is to find a husband.
Enter Petruchio.  Kate is undeniably drawn to him and he clearly proves himself to be her intellectual and verbal equal, but can he show her a way of finding her place in society while maintaining her dignity?  You will have to read the story for yourself to see if it's a happy ever after ending...

What you see is what you get with the Kate Shift Dress, initially anyway.  With some imaginative additions and subtle alternations, it may develop into more of a Katherine.  How do you see your Kate turning out?

The Viola Reversible Skirt

Viola is from Twelfth Night, (or What you Will).
She and her twin brother Sebastian were separated when they were shipwrecked and washed up on the shores of Ilyria. Unsure of making her way in a strange country as a girl, she decides to create an alter ego in “Cesario”.
Dressed as a boy finds her way into the court of Duke Orsino, who of course, she falls head over heels with. And, well the rest you’ll have to read for yourself…
With our Viola Reversible Skirt you can create your own alter ego, pretty and patterned by day, or plain and elegant for the evening, the choice is yours.

The Beatrice Pinafore

Beatrice is from Much Ado About Nothing and is one of Shakespeare’s most robust female characters.
Bright, funny and with a wit as sharp as a knife she is fiercely loyal to her cousin Hero. Going to extraordinary lengths to protect Hero’s honour when she’s accused of infidelity.
She is adamant she will not marry and wants to remain totally independent. She even turns down the wealthy Don Pedro only to fall in love with Benedick, a soldier.
I like a bit of plain talking and this is a good old fashioned, no-nonsense pinafore. Plain or primped the choice is yours.

 * * *

Our patterns are all about creating wearable, stylish clothes that nod to fashion and current trends but allow for individual expression with easy to follow clear instructions that include home sewing techniques, industry tips and tricks and couture finishing methods.
Patterns that make sewing a pleasure, not a frustration.

Sew Me Something Patterns are all printed on proper paper making them much stronger and last longer. They are all packaged into an A4 card folder so are very easy to pack away and store to use again and again.

All our patterns are available to purchase online from our Folksy shop, or pop into our lovely emporium in Stratford upon Avon.   

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